New Theme Park Architect Experience

In early 2023 Theme Park Architect, in conjunction with Holihoon Media, will transform the way viewers feel our new slate of content on our respective Theme Park Architect YouTube channel.

That’s right…feel our content.

How To Become a Walt Disney Imagineer Video

Based on a personal project J. Daniel Jenkins – founder of the Theme Park Architect website and YouTube channel – created in 1994 during his second year of architecture school, this new viewing experience is being brought to the Theme Park Architect YouTube Channel to deliver new content that will be both informative for those interested in seeking careers in the theme park design business – a keystone of the Theme Park Architect website and channel – as well as inspiring and entertaining.

The new Theme Park Architect YouTube experience, titled ‘If You Had Themes‘ is inspired by legacy theme park attractions and Jenkins’ original 1994 concept, but transformed into a modern-day content viewing platform with each new video incorporating a different ‘theme’ guiding the subject matter. “It will be a sensory viewing experience to our knowledge no one has attempted to date on any YouTube channel.“, states J. Daniel Jenkins, a former Walt Disney Imagineer, licensed Architect, and President of Holihoon Media LLC.

More details to follow as we are ironing out the final details of this new experience to prepare the first video for an early 2023 release! Stay tuned!