What is an Addendum?

An Addendum is a modification to the Architectural and Engineering bidding documents. This modification contains written or graphical information adding to or clarifying the bidding documents and they are typically issued to the Owner by the A&E team then subsequently submitted to the contractor during the project bidding process.

If the Addenda are accepted upon review and estimating, the modifications will become a part of the contract documents when the construction contract is executed via the ‘Issue for Construction‘ set of documents released by the Architect and Engineers of Record.

  • An Addendum is typically issued to the Owner by the Architect of Record and may include the various Engineers of Record input and documentation to support the modification.
  • Addendums are a formal project scope modification and are recorded and noted accordingly on the Architects and Engineers construction documents.
  • Addendums may either incur project budget impacts and/or may have a ‘no cost’ value that is information clarifying the design within the construction documents for the contractor.

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Understanding an Addendum

Addendums are different than ‘Bulletins’ in that addenda are issued and categorized as modifications to the construction documents and contract documents only during the bidding and negotiation process – an interim phase prior to the construction phase of a project.

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