Best Theme Park Design Books

We’ve selected some of the best theme park design books an enthusiast or a young budding theme park designer should consider reading!

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Recommended reading about theme park design and history.

Five of our favorite theme park design books by subject matter:

Theme Park and Amusement Park History

The Amusement Park: 900 Years of Thrills and Spills, and the Dreamers and Schemers Who Built Them by Stephen M. Silverman. I personally have never seen a more extensive history of both amusement parks and theme parks in one book. This book provides a budding, future theme park designer a great historical timeline of amusement parks and theme parks with a lot of backstory on how they came to fruition.

Walt Disney World History and Design

Vinyl Leaves: Walt Disney World and America by Stephen M. Fjellman. Vinyl Leaves has been around for quite some time. I read this book when I was younger and aspiring to become to a Disney Imagineer and Theme Park Architect. This book gives a unique view of how Walt Disney World’s design affects the Central Florida landscape and provides unique insider-like details about specific attractions and shows.

Theme Park Project Management and Design

Theme Park Project Management by Val Usle. Val and I both are former Walt Disney Imagineers. Val’s book focuses on the operational and economic considerations it takes to bring big ideas on paper to fruition and the multiple efforts it takes to keep theme park’s functioning on a daily basis.

Theme Park Design Guidebook

Theme Park Design & The Art of Themed Entertainment by David Younger. If you are a budding young theme park designer or a theme park design enthusiast, then you will love this handbook describing theme park design elements and characteristics.

Disney Legend on Theme Park Design

Marc Davis In His Own Words: Imagineering the Disney Theme Parks by Pete Docter and Christopher Merritt. Learn about the early years of Disney’s theme park design as seen through the eyes of the legendary Walt Disney Imagineer Marc Davis. This book focuses on both theme park design that came to fruition and ideas and concepts that have never seen the light of day.

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