Additional Services

What are Additional Services?

The term Additional Services, with respect to theme park design, can be defined as any design or consulting services or deliverables not originally contained within the scope of the Contract – services that were not specifically provided under any Statement of Work, Scope of Work, or defined deliverables in the base contract between the Architect and the Client/Owner.

Any services outside of the items provided in the base services contract are considered ‘Additional Services’ that once added to the contract – via a formal written amendment signed by both the Architect and the Client/Owner – will result in the need to provide the Architect and/or his team of sub-consultants with additional pay and potentially additional man hours resulting in an increase in the base contract’s fee.

Additional Services for design in theme parks – as well as other commercial or residential projects – is often a result of additional scope being added to the project by the Client/Owner, a result of a project’s estimate causing a Value Engineering exercise – a reduction in scope to meet budgetary requirements, or additional design services required to meet the final design by the Client/Owner.

Here is a list of common Additional Services often requested of the Architect or their team from Clients and Owners:

  • Final Record Drawings (often called As-Designed or As-Built Drawings)
  • Sun Studies
  • Bidding/Negotiating and Price Discussions with General Contractor
  • Construction Administration
  • Project Managmenet
  • 3D Imagery, Renderings, or Animations
  • Code Surveys and Condition Surveys
  • Cost Estimating multiple design options
  • Design Team Integration / Leadership
  • Charrette Hosting
  • Rating System Coordination (i.e., LEED, WELL, etc.)
  • Interior Design
  • Land Use Analysis and Design
  • Public Hearing Assistance
  • Project Information Surveys (post-turnover)
  • Historic Preservation research

Understanding Additional Services

The key to understanding Additional Services actually starts in a well-written and clearly defined base scope of services contract between the Architect (and their design team) and the Client or Owner.

Having a base scope of services contract that clearly delineates not only what the Architect’s Fee includes is equally important to include a supplemental ‘Assumptions and Exclusions’ exhibit that clearly defines what the Architect’s base scope of services contract will not include. These documents, combined, make it more tangible when the client requests services not provided in those documents to clearly be defined as ‘Additional Services’ resulting in an amendment to the Architect’s base contract.

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Like the Scope of Work contained within the based contract, the Additional Services scope of work should be clearly noted and documented in the amendment to the contract documents. This will help avoid future confusion about the scope of services provided by the Architect and/or their design sub-consultants.

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