• Theme Park Landscape Architect Interview: Part 1

    Theme Park Landscape Architect Interview: Part 1

    Designing theme parks takes a small village of skilled, licensed Architects and Engineers, and designers working together to bring theme park design sketches and concept art to reality. Using this as a springboard, I wanted to begin shedding more light on the role of Theme Park Landscape Architects and Architecture – a vital component of […]

  • Theme Park Design: Preventative Maintenance

    Theme Park Design: Preventative Maintenance

    Would you believe me if I told you long term routine weekly, monthly, and yearly theme park maintenance is baked into the original theme park project’s design from day one? Assumptions and Exclusions When designing new theme park attractions, lands, hotels, and new entire parks the design team and the project’s Stakeholders spend an immeasurable […]

  • What Is New At Dollywood: 2021

    What Is New At Dollywood: 2021

    Recently, I had the privilege of attending a pre-season press event at Dollywood. Dollywood’s President, Eugene Naughton; Vice President, Pete Owens, Public Relations Director, Wes Ramey, and other Dollywood team members led a small group from the media around the park to discuss the park’s new enhancements and overall Guest experience improvements being offered during […]

  • Disney Imagineering Alternatives

    Disney Imagineering Alternatives

    While many people dream of becoming a Walt Disney Imagineer and work on theme park projects, the reality and odds of this actually happening – given the current state of the global theme park design business – are very slim. However, few people do not realize there are alternative companies to work for – beyond […]