• Wizard of Oz Theme Park

    Wizard of Oz Theme Park

    As the famous song suggests, one needs to travel over the rainbow to reach the Wonderful World of Oz. In actuality, you only need to travel to the top of the 5,600 feet tall Beech Mountain, located in the mountains of North Carolina, each Autumn to experience the Land of Oz theme park and the […]

  • Themed Travel: Popeye Movie Village

    Themed Travel: Popeye Movie Village

    Fans of theme parks rave about attractions and theme park lands that truly immerse Guests into their favorite movie or intellectual property. Contemporary examples of this are the World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, Toy Story Land, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. As immersive and detailed as these theme park lands are, they still […]

  • Best Luxury Theme Park Hotels

    Best Luxury Theme Park Hotels

    Often, the difference between staying in a good hotel versus a luxurious hotel can make or break a great vacation. This is no different when one is visiting their favorite theme parks. We’ve pulled together a list of some of the most luxurious theme park hotels – hotels either directly connected to or just outside […]

  • Harry Potter Themed Travel

    Harry Potter Themed Travel

    For the fans of Harry Potter paradigm, we offer up the ultimate Harry Potter Themed Travel guide! Themed travel is nothing new. There have been themed cruises and themed tours of cities for decades. Themed travel centered around Harry Potter’s world will quite literally take super fans around the globe! For the die-hard Harry Potter […]