The 11 Strangest Questions I Received When I Was a Disney Imagineer

A little levity this week. From 2010 through 2017 I had the privilege to call myself a Walt Disney Imagineer. It was a career and life goal that I had been striving and working towards since I was a young boy. Here are some of the strangest questions I received when people found out I was a Disney Imagineer. As you will see, most of my responses were filled with a hint of sarcasm.

Walt Disney Imagineer on job site
J. Daniel Jenkins on site – New Fantasyland Project

Question no. 1

Q: You’re an Imagineer? Oh my gosh, you must get to ride all the cool attractions every day and have lunch in the (theme) parks, right?

A: Only if the queue lines are short, like in mid-July. I only have lunch in the parks when it’s “foie gras Fridays”.

Question no. 2

Q: Imagineering? So, what type of engineer are you? Why don’t they hire people other than engineers to work there? I would love to work there if they did.

A: Actually, Imagineering has over 140 different design disciplines that work there. You should research what it takes to become a Disney Imagineer.

Question no. 3

Q: So, where in the Magic Kingdom tunnels does Disney store the extra pieces of Cinderella’s Castle they can install, if the castle gets damaged by a hurricane?

A: They’re in a secure, caged area directly across from the unicorn stables.

Question no. 4

Q: You must go to the theme parks every weekend, right?

A: Totally, because the 80 to 100 hours I spend working Monday through Saturday every week doesn’t afford me enough time on Disney property.

Question no. 5

Q: I bet your house looks amazing! What theme park design style is your house designed after?

A: Beige, mostly.

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Question no. 6

Q: You’re a Disney Imagineer? We really miss the old King Kong attraction at the Studios. When are you guys going to bring that back?

A: Well……first, we’re spending a lot of time growing large bananas behind the Animal Kingdom to feed the big guy. So, it might be a while.

Question no. 7

Q: Is it true there is a car care center under the Magic Kingdom that Cast Members can take their cars to get fixed and worked on while they’re working?

A: Uhhhh……

Question no. 8

Q: How did they dig out the tunnels under the Magic Kingdom after they built the park?

A: Well, there was Doc, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy…….

Question no. 9

Q: Why is it so dusty inside the Haunted Mansion? Why don’t you guys clean that place up?

A: Honestly, the cleaning crew is too scared to go in there.

Question no. 10

Q: Is it true you all (Disney) are going to turn Big Thunder Mountain Railroad into “Carsland” at the Magic Kingdom? Our Disney bus driver (Cast Member) this morning was telling us about how that’s going to happen.

A: Reaaaaaally. Well, I guess the car is out of the garage now.

Question no. 11

Q: Why does that wire go up to the top of Cinderella’s Castle?

A: Cindy loves watching cable TV at night after work.

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