Theme Park Architect

What is a Theme Park Architect? A Theme Park Architect is a licensed professional who specializes in the design and planning of theme parks. These individuals typically have a background in architecture, engineering, or a related field, and are responsible …

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Amusement Park

What is an Amusement Park? Amusement parks offer a variety of carnival or county fair types rides and attractions. In short form; amusement parks are not theme parks. While amusement parks may have notions of underlying themes or stories that …

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Mechanical Engineer

What is an Mechanical Engineer? Mechanical engineers are typically responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of HVAC systems in buildings. They work closely with architects and other professionals to determine the best approach to heating and cooling a building, …

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Interior Designer

What is an Interior Designer? The role of an interior designer in a building’s interior design has evolved over time, and today it is an essential part of the process. An interior designer is responsible for creating functional and aesthetically …

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