Feasibility Design Phase

What is the Feasibility Design Phase? The Feasibility Design Phase is an advancement of the Concept Design Phase. The Feasibility design phase is exactly what it describes; the Creative team continues to advance the design concepts and storyline while the …

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Master Plan

What is a Master Plan? A Master Plan, with respect to theme park design, is a long-term, complex planning strategy providing a conceptual site plan and layout as a guide for future development and growth within a defined limits of …

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Theme Park

What is a Theme Park? Theme parks can offer all the experiences that amusement parks offer, but the differentiating factor is theme parks base all of their assets (attractions) around a central, well defined unifying theme that can have multiple …

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What is an Attraction? An Attraction in a theme park setting is any ticketed, paid experience such as a ride or show. Attractions may vary in style from simple spinning rides for children to large thrill rides such as roller …

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