• Harry Potter Themed Travel

    Harry Potter Themed Travel

    For the fans of Harry Potter paradigm, we offer up the ultimate Harry Potter Themed Travel guide! Themed travel is nothing new. There have been themed cruises and themed tours of cities for decades. Themed travel centered around Harry Potter’s world will quite literally take super fans around the globe! For the die-hard Harry Potter […]

  • Theme Park Road Trip: Itinerary for California

    Theme Park Road Trip: Itinerary for California

    How awesome would it be to venture out on a road trip to see the birthplace of the modern theme parks? We’re talking about an epic theme park road trip itinerary through Southern California. When you hear the words theme park and California, what immediately comes to mind? Most likely, iconic theme parks like Knott’s […]

  • Walt Disney Imagineering Quotes

    Walt Disney Imagineering Quotes

    Are you’re looking for theme park design inspiration? Are you trying to find that perfect quote from some of the best designers in the theme park business? We’ve pulled together inspirational quotes from Walt Disney Imagineering and their fellow Disney Imagineers that will inspire you as you dream of designing the next amazing theme park […]

  • 11 Most Overrated Theme Park Attractions

    11 Most Overrated Theme Park Attractions

    It should be noted, not all new and day-one theme park attractions are equal. Nor are all of them successful from a Guest satisfaction standpoint – evaluating them through a theme park designer’s lens or through the eyes of the theme park operators who have to maintain and operate them each day. The goal of […]